Our Services

Custom Carpentry Works

With over 20 years of expertise in high-quality carpentry works as a direct carpentry contractor in Singapore, we offer end-to-end service from design, planning and execution with the utmost care and technical excellence.

Interior Design for Carpentry

Every space is different. We turn your imagination into reality with the single goal of bringing your and your team the highest quality of work and life. Our dedicated core team is here to serve you based on what you need - from homes to offices, from reconstruction to the smallest repairs, and everything in between.

For Corporate Offices

With over 20 years of experience operating as a manufacturer of office furnitures, our team of experienced designers and technicians balance employee welfare and business needs to produce commercial output that serves.

For Retail & Events

Direct carpentry services that brings you from conceptualization to execution, we deliver our services with absolute teamwork and operating procedures to meet stipulated timelines.

For Homes

Even for small carpentry works in homes, get ready to live comfortably and easily in the space you call home. Be assured of the highest quality in materials, durability and workmanship.